Skyward Sword Comparative Study: Part 5

Part 5 of a series that compares the world of Zelda: Skyward Sword to the world we live in. I love those mushrooms.

The fifth and final installment in TheMaverickk’s visual comparison series has arrived! He takes a slightly different approach this time around, comparing Skyward Sword‘s graphics not to the visuals of previous Zelda games, but to the world around us.

This comparative study also includes a brief examination of Skyward Sword‘s visuals as a whole, comparing its graphics to the type of Impressionist painting that inspired the game’s art style.

Hit the jump to view the entire comparative study, along with commentary from TheMaverickk himself.

Click to view the full size image!

On his final installment in the series, TheMaverickk had this to say:

This study had less to do with comparing Skyward Sword against past Zelda titles, and more to do with analyzing visual elements of the game and how the real world has influenced them. That these elements contribute a sense of realism despite the fantasy world in which the tale of Zelda occurs. Also to show that the world of Skyward Sword isn’t too colourful when you take a look at how vibrant the world around us really is. As well I wanted to give people a better sense of things like the graphical engine, which emulates the impressionist art style. Explaining and detailing the effect of such a painting style.

There really isn’t much else I can say about it, it’s just a nice way to tie up the whole study, and reflect on what we may see as being realistic, and nor realistic. Skyward Sword seems to exhibit many traits that reflect the real world, of course this is a matter of peoples perspectives on what they consider realism. People can discuss that amongst themselves and come to their own conclusions based on the comparison shown. It’s just something gamers should consider, especially as graphics hit a tier point in terms of what we can do and produce.

Be sure to check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 of TheMaverickk’s visual examination series, as well as one of his own works of art, and stay tuned for another of his paintings to be featured sometime in the next few weeks!

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