Ravenloft Novels Amazon Store

Starting off with trying to make a new niche Amazon Associates store as often as possible. This first test store is set up to sell Ravenloft Novels.

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You Died of Dysentery

I have no idea how many times I have died of Dysentery in my life. Of course I have also died of measles, snakebite, typhoid, cholera, exhaustion, and diarrhea.  Be there? Done that? then get the T Shirt to prove it: http://bit.ly/dwABzE

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Link Made of Lego

This makes me want to bust out the old Lego and build my own Lego Link.

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Glad to See the Truth About Google & SkyNet

I have always blamed the fictitious SkyNet for any Internet troubles. Glad to see someone has also found the comparison it and Google

Check out the Skynet Google Style T Shirt: http://bit.ly/99ADAc

This is a video created to show the advancements in technology, and artificial intelligence that SkyNet is producing:

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